Bluewater Performance is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and we want you to feel confident in your decision for a mechanic. With our large vendor network, and our access to a wide range of OEM, and aftermaket parts, we are capable of finding even the most obscure part, and making sure that you are back on the road as soon as possible. We believe in our mechanics, and stand behind all repair work with our 24 months and 24,000 mile warranty. If something fails that we repaired, then we will cover 100% of the work. We do not charge a copay on warranty work like some other shops. This will provide you with comfort, and peace of mind, that your VW or Audi will stay up and running so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money again if there is an unfortunate event where a replacement part has failed.

At Bluewater Performance we can perform the same quality maintenance work as the dealerships for less. We pride ourselves in quality work and focus solely on Volkswagen and Audi so we know your car better than any general auto repair shop. For example, a small list of some of our services includes: Oil Change, Fuel Filter, Spark Plugs, Brake Inspection, Air Filter, Timing Belt, Shocks, Tire Rotation, Air Conditioning Cooling system, Ignition Components, V Belt and Ribbed Belt Inspection, Fluid Check, Battery Pollen Filter, On Board Diagnostics, Lighting, and much more!
Do you have a car stranded on the side of the road or are you feeling like your daily driver is on its last leg? We can repair any engine, drive train, body (interior or exterior), and electrical related issues. We also are able to take care of Turbo Chargers, Alternator, AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump, Drive Shaft, Clutch, Transmission, CV Axles, Internal Engine Components, Installation Of Body Parts, Interior Parts, Ignition Related, Head Work, Radiator, AC Condenser, Wheel Bearings, Ball Joints, Bushings, Water Pump, Timing Belt, and more!
Bluewater Performance offers Dyno services for FWD, RWD and AWD vehicles. Whether it’s a Dyno Day with some friends, or some baseline pulls to gauge where those new mods put you HP-wise, call now to set up a date that works for you. Equipment Specification: Dynocom AWD 5000-FX, up to 175 mph, up to 2000hp. Cost Breakdown: $75 for 3 Baseline Pulls, $65 during a Dyno Day, and $100/hr for Custom Dyno Tuning. Call us for all your dyno needs!
Some products may take longer to ship out of our facility than others. First, please double check and confirm what shipping method you have used. Please allow up to 3-4 businesses days to see your package when using ground shipping. You will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number once the product has been completed and shipped out from our facility.
We provide both APR and United Motorsports tuning for your vehicles. One of the best and most rewarding upgrades for your VW or Audi is an ECU flash. This will provide you with an impressive ECU Upgrade without the loss of drivability or reliability. You can expect a huge increase in low end torque, an improved throttle response, and a smoother, more powerful top end. We can install these upgrades right at our shop.
Of course. We usually are able to order parts for any application in order to suit your needs. If you’re wondering if we carry something specific, please give us a call at 303.800.7193 or email us at with any questions.
Yes! If you’re wanting one of our products listed on our online store please email us or call us at 303.800.7193 for a shipping quote. All international sales have to go through email or via telephone as our website is not set up to calculate proper international shipping rates.
We are specific to VW and Audi only. We may also work on specific Porsche models as well. These are the only vehicles we work on.


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