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  • APR Turbo Compressor Inlet Hose
  • APR Turbo Compressor Inlet Hose

APR Turbo Compressor Inlet Hose

APR Turbo Compressor Inlet Hose

Product Description

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APR is proud to release our newest addition to the APR Motorsport lineup, APR Compressor Inlet Hoses for the 1.8T. We designed these hoses to fill a gap in the market where other silicone hoses simply don’t perform.

After extensive testing our engineers have found that the OEM compressor inlet hose is not rigid enough to prevent collapse during high boost situations where airflow to the turbo is most important. A collapsed hose creates a huge airflow restriction that robs your motor of potential power!

Our engineers designed a replacement hose of high quality silicone with wire wrapping throughout to ensure no collapse at even the highest boost pressures. We found that simply recreating the hoses in silicone, no matter the density of the silicone, still allowed a collapse to occur. The wire wrapping ensures that not even the slightest collapse will be experienced providing more air to the turbo via the larger diameter of the hose and smoother transitions unleashing hidden power!

APR Motorsport Compressor Inlet Hoses are available in three colors; blue, black, and red. All APR Motorsport Hoses include everything you need for complete installation, including fittings and clamps.

Additional Information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in

All A4 B5/B6 1.8T Black, A4 B5/B6 1.8T Blue, A4 B5/B6 1.8T Red, 2000-2002 TT 225 1.8T Black, 2000-2002 TT 225 1.8T Blue, 2000-2002 TT 225 1.8T Red, 2003-2005 TT 225 1.8T Black, 2003-2005 TT 225 1.8T Blue, 2003-2005 TT 225 1.8T Red, All Golf/GTIJetta 1.8T Black, All Golf/GTIJetta 1.8T Blue, All Golf/GTIJetta 1.8T Red