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The APR B9 A4 Front Mount Intercooler System (FMIC)


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The APR Intercooler System is a massive front mounted upgrade that dramatically reduces intake air temperature (IAT), minimizes heat soak, and provides increased performance! The system is an easy to install, direct bolt-on design, that is recommended at every stage of performance.

Quick Facts:

  • Dramatically lowers intake air temp (IAT)
    Increases HP while minimizing power-robbing heat soak!
    Retained as high as 45 AWHP compared to the factory system!
  • Massive frontal surface area and core volume
    3.125″ x 5.75″ x 28.25″ – 162.4 in² frnt. & 507.62 in³ volume – OEM
    2.250″ x 16.2″ x 22.00″ – 356.4 in² frnt. & 801.90 in³ volume – APR
  • Highly effective core design
    Bar-and-plate core with staggered and louvered fins.
    Rigorous testing determined core style, fin density, and size.
    Low pressure drop + highly effective cooling = high performance!
  • Smooth cast end tanks
    Engineered for low turbulence/restriction and maximum flow.
    Organically shaped to promote airflow across entire core.
    Pressure tested to prevent power robbing boost leaks.
  • Silicone inlet and outlet hoses
    Multi-ply silicone design with internal wire reinforcement, fluorosilicone internal protective layer and APR’s EZ-Flow stepped design.
  • Clampco T-bolt clamps
    Strong, stainless-steel Clampco T-Bolt clamps provide better clamping for increased protection against hose slippage and boost leaks.
  • Billet MAP housing
    Precision CNC-machined for secured sensor placement with an attractive matte-black anodized finish.
  • Easy to install
    Simple bolt-on install with no trimming or drilling necessary!
  • Designed by engineers with lasers
    With the best equipment and smartest engineers, it just works!


Unfortunately, to the untrained eye, many intercooler designs appear the same. However, effectiveness of the system and overall performance are greatly determined by several key metrics. Alloy selection, end tank design, construction type, fin style, fin density and overall core dimensions must be analyzed and balanced accordingly to deliver class-leading performance. While the OEM’s goal is to create a lightweight, easy to manufacture and inexpensive to produce, cross-platform design capable of supporting factory power levels, APR’s intercooler must be capable of supporting more than double the factory output. Achieving this goal took a multi-step approach focused around intercooler core selection, end tank design and install location.


APR’s engineers conducted a multitude of tests both on the street and on the dyno with thermocouples and pressure transducers placed at the inlet and outlet of the intercooler during the design phase. Data from these tests were used to choose the intercooler core available today. With the intercooler in its final production form, tests were conducted against the factory intercooler to measure the effectiveness of each system.

Testing conducted on the dyno provided a semi controlled environment for back-to-back stress testing the two systems. Utilizing a B9 A4 2.0T at APR Stage I power levels with 100 octanes in the tank to prevent timing pull associated with higher intake air temperature seen with the stock intercooler, six back-to-back dyno pulls were conducted with minimal cooldown time between runs. APR’s ECU Explorer high resolution datalogging system was used for raw sensor data collection.

The APR intercooler saw a beginning IAT of 33.90°C that rose slightly to 38.20°C by the end of the first dyno pull. IAT remained consistent during the six back-to-back pulls, resulting in a final IAT of only 44.00°C! The system effectively rejected heat soak and produced consistent horsepower results stacking evenly on top of each previous run.

The OEM intercooler did not fare so well. With a starting IAT of 33.40°C, IAT skyrocketed during the first pull, settling at a blazing 72.45°C, or 34.25°C higher than the APR Intercooler. IAT continued to climb during the six back-to-back pulls, resulting in a final IAT of 77.8°C. With each new pull, horsepower dropped considerably, ultimately resulting in horsepower figures as low as 45 AWHP less than those captured with the APR intercooler!

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 10 × 30 in


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